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Streamline Document Management Solutions

Industry Proven Enterprise Software Solutions for Document Design, Composition, Creation, Output Distribution, Repository & Content Access


"Streamline Document Management Solutions is deployed in large companies in the Banking and Insurance environment."

Streamline Document System Suite Website
Streamline Output Management System (OMS)
Document Designer and Composition
  • Comprehensive Document and Report Designer

  • Sophisticated yet easy to use document designer tool, which enables you to design, produce and deploy enterprise level transactional data without the need for programmers.

  • Document Composition - Assemble complex document based on predefined logic/configuration.

  • Direct Integration to Host Systems.

  • System Configurable to output Generation.

  • Multi-Channel Distribution - Print, Email, Online Portal & SMS.

Streamline PDF 

  • Fast accurate conversion to Adobe PDF format with password encryption.

  • Allows for easy and fast professional batch conversion – convert to PDF files without any original layouts lost. The output files are high quality and preserves original images, text, drawings, etc.

Streamline Electronic Document Warehouse (EDW)
  • Content management application that enhance information accessibility, promote organised collaboration and customer contact with secure browser-based interface that provides access to the document repository. The functionalities of content management can be made available through application programming interfaces (API) including web services, WebDAV and SFTP downloads.

  • Fast content retrieval – Enables organizations to store, retrieve, and deliver high-volume customer communications such as policies, statements, letters, notices and invoices fast with a reduced the storage footprint.

  • Streamline EDW can be  private (restricted to the enterprise authorized users) or public (open to thru the web).

  • Set User Roles - permissions based on built-in user roles and enables administrator to create and manage custom user role, a logical grouping of users with a common set of permissions. 

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