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Enterprise Document Software Solution

Document Design, Composition, Creation, Output Distribution, Repository & Content Access Software Solutions - We develop solution that creates and delivers of customer-centric notifications through a single, integrated solution, which connects to all stakeholders and clients.

"Easily Configurable Document Creation, Output & Content Management with Digital Continuity Tools"

We develop

  • document designer application with functionality to create and edit documents with integrated, intuitive designer that adapts to the unique composition needs of the organisation without complicated programming or hard-to-learn user interfaces,

  • configurable enterprise applications that dynamically pull data from multiple enterprise sources and unstructured information to rapidly allow a personalised and integrated document creation and multi-channel distribution (print, email or web),

  • application that enables digital continuity with tools to migrate records to our solution for the preservation of long-term documents and information,

  • centralized digital documents repository that simplify the archival and retrieval of archived documents and workflow functionality to enable a stored document to be routed via various users in the organisation, and

  • content management application that enhance information accessibility, promote organised collaboration and customer contact with secure browser-based interface that provides access to the document repository. The functionalities of content management can be made available through application programming interfaces (API) including web services, WebDAV and SFTP downloads.

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